Starting seedlings indoors, Part two

Last week, we talked about how to start seedlings indoors. I didn’t tell you that I started some pepper seeds, but I did. They’re a bit difficult to germinate, so I didn’t want promise anything. But, we have baby plants. Lots of them. We have seeds that have sprouted roots and we have seeds that are thinking about unfurling their leaves too. You can see some of them above, towards the left of the photo.
These seeds benefitted from the extra heat provided by the heating mat beneath them. This is the one I used:…. But, you don’t necessarily need a heating mat if you have a warm sunny room.
Once the seeds grow roots, it’s important to remove the plants from the heating mat. The roots can fry if they reach the bottom of the tray where the heat is strongest.

Seedling and its root
You might be surprised by how long the roots are already. I was! I chose to carefully transfer the sprouted seedlings to new, larger pots and leave the seed tray on the heating mat to see if any of the remaining seeds were going to sprout.
I also used a second method of germinating seeds. I put seeds in-between two pieces of wet paper towel and placed this in a Ziploc bag, which I placed over a floor vent so the furnace would keep them nice and warm. Each day I checked on them and added more water, if needed.
They’ve been sprouting roots too.

Seeds germinating on paper towel
You can see a root on the seed that is in the middle of the right half of the photo above. I will let the root get a little bit longer, then carefully transfer it to a pot of dirt, lightly cover it, and keep it moist. If the root gets so long that it grows into the paper towel, I’ll cut the paper towel rather than damaging the root.
So there you go. The peppers are growing and the sun is shining.

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