Starting seedlings

It’s that time of year to start indoors the plants that can benefit from a head start.  For example, celery (pictured above), peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes.

The farmer’s almanac has an excellent planting calendar that you can use to determine when to start your seedlings.  I may start celery and peppers a little earlier than suggested, but planting tomatoes earlier may result in them getting rather unwieldy before it’s safe to move them outside.

Why start your own seedlings?  It’s cheaper, you have more choices in terms of varieties, there is less shock to the plants when moving them from your home to your backyard (as opposed to from a commercial greenhouse), and, most importantly, it’s thrilling to watch the babies grow day to day!

For more information on starting seedlings, refer to the articles we published last year:

Happy planting!

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